Field Team Positions

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Field Team Position Descriptions

THE GREAT COMMISSION (Matthew 28:18-20): “Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’”


The vision of Man in the Mirror is to see Jesus’ Great Commission become a reality by helping every church disciple every man. Field Team positions are part of a national movement to equip 30,000 churches to collectively disciple 10,000,000 new men in the next decade. Specifically, each person on the Field Team is or will be responsible for helping churches create an environment where the Holy Spirit inspires men to engage in life-on-life discipleship.


All Man in the Mirror Field Team members begin as Associates while going through the start-up phase and making the decision to become an Area Director (“Track A”) or a Field Representative (“Track B”). This decision will be based primarily on the number of hours available to work per week and the desire of whether or not to receive compensation.




This initial phase allows you to get set up as a part of the ministry and helps you determine whether you want to become an Area Director or Field Representative.

Status: Volunteer (non-compensated)

Hours: As available

Primary Responsibilities:      

  • Ministry set-up: Man in the Mirror email account, website presence, ministry ID assignment, and other items needed to become functional.
  • Work with assigned Regional Director on special gifts campaign; establish a ministry fund for initial expenses, training, and travel.
  • Complete No Man Left Behind training, typically in a live training setting.

Reports to: Regional Director

Next Steps:  Determine your goal:  Choose Track A (Area Director) or Track B (Field Rep)           


AREA DIRECTOR (Track A – Phase 1)

The first step to serving as an Area Director is to attend Ministry Partner Development (MPD) training and establish a ministry fund to support a local ministry (“Coalition”) budget. Having funding in place will allow you to eventually work with churches without financial worries and distractions.

Status: Volunteer (non-compensated)

Hours: Minimum of 15 hours per week; commitment to block schedule as developed in training


  • Attend Orientation and Ministry Partner Development (MPD) training

Primary Responsibilities:      

  • Achieve funding goals as determined in MPD training (level of effort)
  • Form “Start-up Team” of Ministry Partners
  • Monthly prayer letter and other cultivation initiatives to donor base
  • Develop Ministry Plan with annual goals (funding goals and personal/spiritual goals)
  • Monthly report to Regional Director: goals vs. actuals

Reports to: Regional Director

Next Steps:                

  • Boot Camp training (schedule when funding is approximately 60 -70% complete).


AREA DIRECTOR (Track A – Phase 2)

Commissioned Status

At this phase, considerable progress toward meeting ministry goals/budget has been made and you are ready for “Boot Camp” to be trained to work with churches.

Status: Volunteer (non-compensated)

Hours: Minimum of 15 hours per week; commitment to block schedule as developed in training


  • Funding goals and milestones are being met on time
  • Ministry account is in good standing

Primary Responsibilities:      

  • Continued MPD progress to meet budget/goal on time; Donor cultivation continues
  • Complete Boot Camp training and be commissioned to work with churches

Reports to: Regional Director

Next Steps:

  • Transition to “Hired” AD status
  • Designate Volunteer, part-time or full-time position
  • Achieve funding goal. Two-year model by HQ proves sustainability
  • Begin working with a few churches in close coordination with Regional Director
  • Annual national training strongly encouraged


AREA DIRECTOR (Track A – Phase 3)

Active Status

Status: Working with churches, non-compensated (volunteer or seconded) or Compensated (hired), part- or full-time.

Hours: As available for volunteers, part-time: 8 – 29 hours/week, full-time:30 – 40 hours/week


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Form Advisory Counsel for strategic insights, accountability and help
  • Maintain MPD efforts to ensure financial needs are met
  • Update Ministry Plan to include working with up to 100 churches in the first three years
  • Continue working with existing churches. New churches begin with “Starting Point/Identifying” Level of Engagement and move into higher levels as ready
  • Collect benchmark surveys collected to quantify progress being made, as appropriate
  • Report monthly to Regional Director: goals vs. actuals on all metrics
  • Maintain list of churches by Level of Engagement
  • Work in collaboration with Field Reps or Area Directors in the proximity

Reports to: Regional Director



Field Representative (Track B)

Commissioned/Active Status

This position is ideal for those who are called to help reach and disciple men, and are ready to serve as a volunteer

Status: Volunteer (non-compensated)

Hours: Up to 8 hours per week, as available


  • Orientation and Boot Camp training/commissioning completed
  • Fees are current; funding level is sufficient

Primary Responsibilities:      

  • Develop Ministry Plan with annual goals (churches/benchmark surveys, ministry goals, funding goals and personal/spiritual goals)
  • Begin working with 1 to 2 churches initially, under the guidance and direction of the Regional Director. New churches begin with “Starting Point/Identifying” Level of Engagement and move into higher levels as ready
  • Collect benchmark surveys to quantify progress being made with active churches
  • Report monthly to Regional Director: goals vs. actuals on all metrics
  • Maintain list of churches by Level of Engagement
  • Assist full-time Area Director (if present in area) as needed

Reports to: Regional Director; Area Director on a dotted line basis

Next Steps:                                                                                                                                 

  • Add new churches if possible (maximum of 5 at any one point in time)
  • Option to attend MPD training if enhancing funding skills is desirable


 Essential Position Functions (For both Area Directors & Field Reps)

  1. Spiritual Life: Continue a vital and consistent daily dependence on Jesus Christ. Be a member in good-standing of your local church. If married, maintain a solid and consistent relationship with your spouse. Be engaged with men on a regular basis to help them grow and so they can help you maintain your own faith relationship with Christ. 
  2. Godly counsel: If you are pursing the Area Director position, once you have completed MPD training, recruit a select team of individuals who are well-networked, influential, generous, prayerful and appreciative of the work God has called you to. This “start-up” team should help you expedite through the funding or MPD process. Following that, an Advisory Council is formed. The Advisory Council consists of business, community and spiritual role models who are well-connected and have a passion for discipling men. They will serve as both spiritual and strategic advisors.
  3. Sustenance: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who resonate with our vision and mission and have a desire to provide you with financial support: Secure adequate and accountable self-funding status through an effective donor relations strategy. Having financial partners in your ministry will provide you with a strong sense of local accountability. Manage the ministry budget with wise stewardship. 
  4. Engagement with Churches (Levels of Engagement)
  • Starting Point: Identifying – Build a list of church prospects including pastor names; try to identify key laymen. Create a plan to approach – drop-in/call. Provide a “leave behind” for them to read.
  • Contacting: Connect with church through a personal visit. Introduce MIM as a men’s discipleship “solutions provider”. Secure an appointment with the appropriate leader (pastor/lay leader). Listen to their needs. Begin building relationship; gain trust and credibility while demonstrating your passion for men and expertise in discipleship. Initial benchmark survey.
  • Assessing: Demonstrate proficiency to men’s discipleship – “the moment of trust”. Determine level of support needed. Help them recruit a leadership team. Provide encouragement.
  • Training: Effectively communicate training objectives and vision. Work with them on Ministry Audit or Get-a-Win worksheets. Provide consultation as they go through NMLB training. Introduce the Journey to Biblical Manhood within the context of NMLB model.
  • Sustaining: Ensure leadership team is operating effectively and sustaining momentum. Show them how to go from “good to great”. Recommend them as a model church in your area and help the team with succession planning. Continue with JBM and provide quarterly check-ups.


  1. Build and maintain a meaningful network: Continue to build meaningful relationships with churches, and provide ongoing information, assistance and support. Serve as an engaging role model and reliable, capable resource. Be active in discipling men and leaders in the community.
  2. Measure/ROI/Results: Submit an Annual Ministry Plan that has monthly goals in terms of your work with local churches, your funding/MPD and personal and spiritual development goals. All volunteer positions should have a goal of 2-5 churches. Full-time Area Directors have a goal of reaching 100 churches in the first three years with assistance from HQ. Part-time and Volunteer Area Directors should have the same goal as the full-time Area Director but on a prorated basis. Be accountable for solid execution against all your goals and implementation plans. Submit a monthly report that compares goals vs. actuals. Administer benchmark surveys so that progress can be measured over time on a quantitative basis.
  3. Organization: Build and maintain transparent, consistent, collaborative and effective working relationships with the leadership team (HQ and Regional Director) and other men in the field. Engage in 1-on-1 communications with your Regional Director on a regular basis and participate in group/team calls. Be available to help your Area Director if he is nearby. Attend all webinars, training events, and national or regional conferences. Participate and interact with others in the social networks provided exclusively to the Field Team and HQ. Be responsive in the areas of reporting and communication. Check your MIM email daily.
  4. Recruit others to join the Field Team.



  • A passion for ministry to men and experience with men’s ministry is required.
  • High biblical standards of leadership, integrity, morality and faithfulness.
  • Willing to focus on essentials and not emphasize or champion points of theology outside our statement of faith; sensitive to denominational differences.
  • Results-oriented and a self-starter with a strong work ethic.
  • Has a professional presence and poise; conveys credibility and commands attention.
  • Able to build and maintain financial support.
  • Experience in developing and delivering successful presentations
  • An independent thinker who also values collective IQ and collaboration.
  • Able to create systems and processes for implementation, documentation and measurement.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and an engaging communication style.
  • Relates well to and effectively demonstrates genuine care for people.
  • Proficient with Microsoft<sup>®</sup> Office and current business technologies.
  • A business, marketing or pastoral degree is preferred. 


A home office or other space is required for Area Directors and Field Reps. A laptop with Windows 8 or better, an integrated or plug-in cam and a printer/scanner is required. Week nights and weekends are sometimes required based on the availability of the pastors and leaders served. Local travel required and some national travel (conferences/training events).


  • Possess 3 – 5 years in a leadership position with a ministry, business or other organization.
  • Satisfy background and reference checks.
  • Demonstrate the unconditional support of a local pastor and at least 2 other references.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage a personal and office budget so that income is commensurate with expenses and debt.
  • Review and sign the MIM Statement of Faith, Guiding Principles, Intellectual Property Agreement and the Non-Disclosure Agreement.  
  • Possess a reliable car insured to the minimum extent required by Man in the Mirror and a current driver’s license.